Camp Yeomalt

Log Restoration at Historic Lodge Log Restoration at Historic Lodge

Born of FDR's famous Works Progress Administration and originally named Camp Major Hopkins, Camp Yeomalt is arguably one of Bainbridge Island's most historically significant structures.  In fact, the mid-thirties construct is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Used by the Boy Scouts of America for decades, the Bainbridge Island Parks Department purchased the camp in 1987.  Years finally caught up with the lodge and the board developed plans to restore the dilapidated structure. Creasey Log Homes was contracted for the log renovation portion of work. 

This was no small task as significant portions of the structure had experienced decay.  Rotten lower log courses were removed and the rest of the building shored and jacked into the air.  New footings and concrete walls were poured by others and Creasey Log Homes began the process of placing new logs and building up.  Of course, similar materials and methods were emulated to preserve a historical integrity true to the original.  Specially fabricated hangers were created for the roof structure to meet the stricter requirements of today's building codes and the large granite fireplace needed additional shoring as well. The cabin was officially rededicated on August 28th, 2010 with many locals, construction participants, and volunteers in attendance. (Scroll down for video and pictures)...


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