Wednesday, 09 May 2012 10:05

Shower House

This detached shower house serves occupants of an adjacent cabin with toilet and washing facilities.  Solar energy powers the electrical needs including the structure's water pumping system.  The shower and floors are formed with bluestone in an organic pattern with stream stones embedded to mimic a meandering stream bed.  The whimsical "outhouse" seat conceals a real, working toilet to maintain a sanitary condition.  The services are completed by a highly custom vanity utilizing a bluestone counter, live-edge wood bordering, salvaged Fir from a deconstructed grain silo, and branch door pulls.


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When Donald & wife Alison, a local artist, came to terms with the fact that they owned a home that was too cramped and poorly laid out they set out to create a beautiful set of spaces much more conducive to their lifestyle and habit of entertaining.  The solution would be two-fold; remodel the interior of the existing main floor by adding an office and creating guest access to their one main floor bathroom previously reachable only through their Master Bedroom, and create a 560 square-foot addition to serve as a new living space.

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