Eyebrow Roof #2

Protective Eyebrow Roof Protective Eyebrow Roof

After experiencing some concern about the protection of their home's logs, these Lake Cavanaugh residents contacted Creasey Log Homes to provide a solution. As there was an existing wood balcony, the work order consisted first of all of providing a waterproof walking surface on the balcony to act as a protective roof for the logwork below. This required, in part, to provide a slope to the surface to effectively drain water to the outer edge of the balcony away from the home.

Log beams were then fastened from the outer balcony joists to the log tails at either corner on that side of the home. These served to provide support to the two new eyebrow roofs that would shield the remaining lower wall area. New gutters and downspouts prevented destructive water splash and directed the stormwater far away from the home.

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