Outdoor Renovation

The following work began as a dream to create a more functional and beautiful series of spaces around the home.  The driving idea was to create something "magical" of the landscaping to reflect the upgrades previously done to the interior of the home.

The first step was pour a new patio, much larger than the existing one, in the form and coloring of an Autumn leaf.  Although patios normally consist of rectilinear outline, this installation was formed with smooth, gentle bends.  Even the control joints, meant to direct inevitable cracking into isolated, pre-made joints, were placed in fluid lines.  Finally, a two-tone coloring and protective sealer were applied to bring the leaf to life.

Two organic-shaped plant beds were then installed.  These were constructed with concrete footings and walls and faced with a real stone veneer.  Stone caps were then applied to the tops of the walls to finish them out and provide impromptu seating for the lawn space.  They were filled with topsoil and made ready for planting.

As the existing lawn was in need of replacing, it was leveled out with imported topsoil and re-sodded.  However, prior to placing sod, Creasey Original castings were installed to provide functional walkways.  These proprietary concrete pieces are formed and painted to resemble wood or leaves, respectively, and provide an attractive, durable solution for pathways.