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We at Creasey Log Homes understand the need for quality, informed design at the outset of a log home building project.  Although highly educated in a number of areas, even a licensed architect typically does not understand the specialized demands of log home construction.  It is for this reason that we offer in-house design services.  The end result for you as our customer is a seamless integration between designer and builder offering you a more holistic approach to building with better communication and more informed decisions along the way.

All of our conceptual and construction document production is performed utilizing CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drafting).  The benefits include clarity, accuracy, and quicker editing capability.  Information can also more easily be transferred and utilized by our structural engineer operating a similar system.

In addition to design, Creasey Log Homes offers many other pre-construction services as well.  A summary of those, as well as further explanation of our design process, follows: 



This is where we take some time to establish exactly what can and can't be done on the property before committing to design ideas that may or may not work based on zoning, critical areas, buffers, and the like. This phase includes work such as:

            -Pursue Critical Area Determination (King County only)

            -Drainfield Design & Water Requirements (Verify what's been done & obtain copies of approvals)

            -Zoning Study

                        -Research Property Line Setbacks

                        -Discover Limitations On Building Massing

            -Determine Applicable Studies Required

                        -Wetland Delineation And/Or Mitigation

                        -Geotechnical Study

            -Survey (If Deemed Necessary)


At the same time as Property Research is being done we can essentially "survey" the building and prepare accurate drawings of the current conditions.  This will serve as a future basis for the Design phase- i.e., we need to know exactly what is there in order to design accurately around it.  This phase includes work such as:

            -Field Measure Existing Building(s)

            -Draft All Relevant Existing Built Conditions



Once we verify our limitations and have existing conditions defined we can come up with the overall concept.  This phase includes work such as:

            -Graphically Define Overall Scope Of Project

            -Basic Space Planning

            -Determine Essential Elements Of Building Massing (Overall "Look" Of Home)


After the overall concept is determined we define it in greater detail.  This phase includes work such as:

            -Firm Dimensions Of All Rooms & Elements (Windows, Door Sizes, etc.)

            -Elevations Defined By Materials, Heights, Window Openings, etc.)

            -Preliminary Construction Estimates


This phase produces the actual working drawings that are built with or "blueprints."  This phase includes work such as:

            -Develop Architectural Drawings w/ Notes & Dimensions

            -Draft Framing Plans & Relevant Details

            -Format All Sheet Layouts

            -Perform Plan Check For Building Code Compliance & Quality Standards

            -Facilitate Structural Engineering Services

            -Revise Architectural Drawings As Necessary To Reflect Final Engineering


Once all Construction Documents & Engineering reviews are complete, sufficient detail is established such that the Final Construction Estimate can be performed.  Hard-line costs are determined, not only for labor and materials  supplied by Creasey Log Homes, but for necessary sub-contractors as well.  This phase includes work such as:

            -Material Quantity Take-Offs

            -Proposals For Labor

            -Bid Management; i.e. Communicating All Necessary Information To Sub- Contractors & Reviewing Bids

            -Preparation Of The Final Construction Proposal


All materials required for a building permit review are packaged together and submitted to the building department.  This phase includes work such as:

            -Complete All Relevant Applications

            -Create A Site Development Plan

            -Package & Prepare Documents For Submittal

            -Permit Intake





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