Many people dream of building their own new log home and Jim and Maggie were no exception.

Although log homes are traditionally made with rustic logs, with all of their irregularity in shape and their gaps filled with "chinking", to some a more refined look is preferable. For Mike and Moira, this was just such the case.

It's not often that we are asked to provide a significant addition to a log home in suburban Bellevue, WA.  When the call came, though, Creasey Log Homes jumped on the opportunity and began with the process of design services with the homeowner.  We translated our clients functional needs and aesthetic wants into accurate construction drawings and developed a complete submittal package for permit review.
This home's new owners commissioned us to a duel-effort contract of an 890sf addition (increasing the original main floor footprint by nearly 50%) and an exterior and interior remodel of the initial structure.