Historic Restoration

The South side of the Silverdale Boy Scout Hall was experiencing the effects of long-term weathering in the form of rot.  The lower log courses of the Southeast corner suffered irreparable damage and had to be replaced in their entirety.  This required removal of those logs between fireplace and the corner and installation of new logs crafted to fit.

Born of FDR's famous Works Progress Administration and originally named Camp Major Hopkins, Camp Yeomalt is arguably one of Bainbridge Island's most historically significant structures.  In fact, the mid-thirties construct is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Used by the Boy Scouts of America for decades, the Bainbridge Island Parks Department purchased the camp in 1987.  Years finally caught up with the lodge and the board developed plans to restore the dilapidated structure. Creasey Log Homes was contracted for the log renovation portion of work. 

This cabin began as a pile of logs which had been saved from a cabin which had been one of the oldest cabins on Bainbridge Island. Starting with a foundation that was previously poured we designed and assembled the logs to fit an exact replica of the original cabin. Every step along the way we used materials that would have been used when the cabin was first built.

Years ago, this family cabin in Northwest Washington was built close to the river, before certain building codes were required. This made it necessary to preserve the cabin (rather than rebuild) because if torn down, the family would not be permitted to rebuild in the same location. Creasey Log Homes (CLH) was hired to repair and restore the cabin.