Protection from exposure to the elements is paramount to the longevity of log structures. A key area that tends to suffer damage is a high gable wall with a prow roof (a roofline whose overhang slants back to the wall corners). Not only is a large amount of wall area directly exposed to wetting during rainfall but the prow edge is often ineffective against deterring roof water runoff from falling and splattering directly below to a deck or patio and back onto the log surfaces.

After experiencing some concern about the protection of their home's logs, these Lake Cavanaugh residents contacted Creasey Log Homes to provide a solution. As there was an existing wood balcony, the work order consisted first of all of providing a waterproof walking surface on the balcony to act as a protective roof for the logwork below. This required, in part, to provide a slope to the surface to effectively drain water to the outer edge of the balcony away from the home.

 High gabled walls can pose a weathering problem for Northwest log homes. If excessive, the ratio of roof overhang-to-wall height can be easily overcome by the slightest angle in falling rain. Many homes were originally built and designed without this in mind.