The stairs in this historic Bellevue, Washington home needed to be brought into code-compliance as a result of other permitted remodeling work being performed.  The existing stringers were utilized, spaced wider as necessary, and new, wider treads installed to bring the stair widths to correct dimension, as close as the space would allow.  The guard heights needed to increase and the baluster spacing reduced.  All new baluster pole material was sourced and installed by Creasey Log Homes.

The owners of this home in Maple Valley, Washington wanted to replace the deteriorating Cedar siding with a much more durable metal panel, falling in-line with the already modern angles of the structure.

As this Monroe, Wa log home was originally constructed upon distantly spaced piers, the log walls and floor were sagging midspan and the home was experiencing uneven settling. As well, the log walls were too low to the ground and were in serious danger of rotting as they were practically buried in the dirt.


This family cabin suddenly started to experience some soil shifting on the back half of the home, much to the dismay of the owners. The cabin had been in the family for decades and had seen children grow into adults with their own children. In fact, the place was still very much in use and continuing to witness many new memories. Still, significant structural implications were being felt and it was believed that if action wasn't taken that the structure's integrity would continue to decline.