"When you work with Terry, you can be assured that the job will be tackled above and beyond your expectations. Terry has a passion and a creativity that is contagious. He treats each project, despite the size, with great care and professionalism. His love for his work and eagerness to please is well worth the time and money. " -Julie R., Skykomish River Family Retreat


"Terry Creasey (Creasey Log Homes) is a remarkably gifted builder and an impeccably honest man. He was able to take our cluster of diagrams, pictures, descriptions, ideas, and turn them into an absolute work of art that we call Casa de Arboles (the house of trees).

We had many custom features in mind for our dream home. Probably the most extreme request was flat interior walls that would be easier to clean, easier to decorate, and coincidentally create a remarkable display of the wood grain. To create a light interior, we also wanted four cathedral peaks in the roofline. We also wanted to create a waterfall feature, incorporated into the stone fireplace. When we shopped our ideas around to other home builders, we heard a chorus of "Oh, we don't do that... For that kind of custom work, you'll need to talk to Terry Creasey". From the day we met Terry, we never heard, "We can't do that." With Terry, it was always, "Yes, I've done that..." or "I think we can do that...", or "Let me think about how we can...", usually followed by a 7am wake-up call with his new idea for how we could accomplish the request.

The outcomes of his craftsmanship are remarkable. There isn't a single feature in the house that disappoints us. Terry's standards are so high that any feature he's satisfied with will far exceed our expectations. We never had a moment's concern about the quality of our home's construction. Terry does a lot of log-home renovation and repair, as well as decades of log home building, so he has seen the long-term outcomes of shoddy workmanship or planning mistakes. He has the experience to keep us novice log-home-owners out of trouble.

As pleasing and remarkable as his craftsmanship is, we believe the honesty and integrity of the man and his company is even more remarkable. Due to the complexity of our home, it was nearly impossible to create a contract to cover the unknown costs of features that had never been created before. We essentially built our home with a handshake agreement and the hope that Creasey Log Homes would treat us fairly. Our trust was never betrayed. If a concern arose regarding a budget item or a subcontractor performance, Terry and his company were prompt and proactive in resolving the issue, remaining engaged until the home-owners were satisfied.

Working with Terry Creasey and Creasey Log Homes to build our home has been a remarkable and refreshing experience. Terry is an amazing artist working in the medium of logs. Creasey Log Homes is a family business that has a well-deserved reputation for honesty and integrity. We highly recommend them to anyone who will listen!"  -Jim K. & Maggie D., Monroe, Wa


Creasey Log Homes is a multi-faceted business, catering not only to the log home industry, but also projects that require skill, talent, problem-solving, and above all, integrity. Whether asking Terry's "behind-the- scenes" office staff questions--and getting the answers to those questions quickly-- to working with Terry Creasey personally, as he patiently and thoroughly explains mundane and intricate details of a project, my dealings with Creasey Log Homes has been great.
Your project will be given personal attention and thoughtful care, and the work done will have true artistic quality, as well as integrity and honesty. You won't have to worry about your project when it's on Creasey's name, because his name alone bears a testament to quality craftsmanship and honest work.
My experience with not only Terry Creasey, but staff and subcontractors, has proven to be solid and respectable. The work thus far has been of quality design (I have more projects than just one going!), accurate and timely billing, clear answers to questions, and all the while being treated with courteous and friendly professionalism.
I recommend Creasey Log Homes to everyone who has a unique building project or remodeling, inspecting conditions (such as a log home's condition), or even some 'simple' repairs. I am very happy to have met Terry about one year ago (in Jan 2011), and have been very pleased with his kindness, generosity, and of course, his solid work ethic and workmanship.
Thank you, Terry and staff, for the quality business and customer service you've provided. I look forward to our future dealings, and hope for more imaginative work for Terry to work his "creative genius" on, and the support I can lend your locally-based business.  -Charinda S., Monroe, Wa

"Alison and I are delighted to recommend Creasey Log Homes. In all our experience of working with them – new construction, remodeling or landscaping - Creasey have been endlessly helpful and committed to giving us very best results. In fact, they go further: they are true craftsmen who have been able to bring an imaginative extra to every piece of work. You can't include creativity as a line item, but it's a delightful extra! "  -Donald & Alison F., Woodinville, Wa


I would gladly recommend Creasey Log Homes to others on a regular basis. All of your staff made us feel like our project was important, always showing concern for detail. Terry Creasey is quite the artist/designer!  Many great suggestions on the design and build were achieved and our project looks awesome as we have had many compliments from our friends, and even neighbors we don't know just walking down the street calling out to us to say how nice it looks.  Thank you for making our home your priority and creating a beautiful end result!  We will be contacting you for all future work to our home without a doubt!  -Dave & Dawn H., Duvall, Wa