Pin Pile Foundation Remedy

Pin Pile Foundation Remedy Pin Pile Foundation Remedy

This family cabin suddenly started to experience some soil shifting on the back half of the home, much to the dismay of the owners. The cabin had been in the family for decades and had seen children grow into adults with their own children. In fact, the place was still very much in use and continuing to witness many new memories. Still, significant structural implications were being felt and it was believed that if action wasn't taken that the structure's integrity would continue to decline.


After geotechnical inspection it was determined that a method known as pin-piling would be the most suitable approach towards a
solution. A structural engineer determined how many piles would be needed to support the load and, in the case of this project, 27 piles each approaching 30-feet in depth were driven to resistance to provide suitable support. New reinforced concrete grade beams were poured to span across the top caps of the piles and the porch structure reset upon these footings.

Access to the site was severely restricted so all equipment had to be towable or fit within a utility dump trailer. Without the ability of concrete and pump trucks to access the site, all concrete was hand-mixed and poured with custom designed Bobcat attachments and chutes. The cause of the shift was really never conclusive, but the home is now stabilized against any further possible threats.

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