French Provincial

The complexity of the structural remodeling found in this home served to defeat the hopes of two contractors prior to commencement by Creasey Log Homes.  With a scope-of-work including vaulting interior ceilings where pre-manufactured trusses currently supported a tile roof Terry set out to achieve the homeowner's and architect's vision of a graceful French Provincial design under the direction of a structural engineer.
2x12 rafters faced one or both sides of the top chords of the trusses and new beams were placed followed by the removal of the lower structure of the existing framed trusses.  After installation of drywall, the structural beams and occasional remaining bottom truss chords at strategic locations were then disguised in log facings and painted to achieve the desired design effect.
Of other notable interest, the homeowner desired stone fireplace mantels and surrounds and had very specific pictures to emulate.  When suitable stone and profiles were not found to the owner's liking, Terry produced his own solution cast singly out of lightweight concrete.
Vanity cabinets were handmade by Terry and consisted of decorative legs borrowed from the posts of a previous stairwell.  Among skill of labor, an undaunted will, and artistic merit, such creative renaissance of used materials is a hallmark of Terry's strengths.

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