Carnation Accessory Dwelling Unit

Still in process, this Carnation, Wa Accessory Dwelling Unit (i.e. a Mother-In-Law Apartment) is the second home for Creasey Log Homes utilizing Apex brand Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) as the primary wall structure.  ICF systems are desirable for savvy homeowners on many accounts.  This particular product utilizes recycled materials, is high in insulative value, retards sound transmission, and produces far less jobsite waste than conventional construction methods.

Among this home's other more interesting features include the in-floor radiant heating system offering reduced heating bills as only that which is at the occupant level is heated.  Radiant heat warms things (i.e. people) and not large expanses of air.  The air remains clean, as well, as no turbulence is created that would normally be found in a forced-air duct system.

A passive/mildly active cooling system was also utilized in the design of a striking, center cupola utilizing operable louvers for ventilation as well as an 8-foot diameter ceiling fan.  Acting not only as a dramatic architectural focal point, the cupola channels warm, rising air through a principle known as "stack effect", releasing it through the ventilating louvers.  Should assistance be needed for cooling, the commercial grade paddle fan will be more than capable.

The final floor finish is to be exposed, decorative concrete offering a unique look as well as long-term durability.  Restrictive critical area buffers explain, in part, the truncated corner on the South side of the home.     (Scroll down for picture gallery)

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  • Location: Carnation

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