Lakeside Remodel

When the owners of this Lake Cochran, Wa home wanted to remodel and take the opportunity to install log trusses as a strong focal point, they contacted Creasey Log Homes.  Although previously expanded once before, the remaining 1960's cabin was to be rehabbed to, among other things, create a more functional layout and revise the rooflines to better orient upon the lake view. 

The new main roofline consists of 12-inch diameter milled-round log trusses supporting 12-inch diameter log purlins above.  Conventional 2x12 rafters were then constructed upon the purlins creating a beautiful, vaulted area inside.  The installed logwork now creates a strong presence inside that the homeowners were seeking and the reworked roofline maintains a strong connection to the view of the lake.  Economy was pursued in the bedroom suite as it is capped with conventional, pre-manufactured wood trusses.  However, the flow and functionality of the bedroom, bathroom, and closet spaces are much more modern and conducive to the occupant's lifestyle.

Two main issues posed difficulties with this project.  First, soils on the North side of the home were laden with fill and buried organic material.  All unsuitable soil was required to be excavated to allow new footing placement upon proper bearing ground.  As well, at some portions of existing foundation, widened footings were placed at point load locations for added assurance as these footings were typically placed shallow and upon some of the same, undesirable fill material.

Second, as there was no lakeside access or sufficient room along each side of the home, all logs were boomed into place from the driveway side of the home.  This meant hoisting them directly over the existing structure.  A bit of a staging area had to be created to park the boom truck as close to the installation area as possible so as to not over-extend the boom.  At times, a signaler had to direct the operator in placing the components as visibility was somewhat shrouded from the existing two-story home.

The project is a collaboration with the homeowners who are taking the responsibility for the finish-out of the home.  (Scroll down for picture gallery)

Additional Info

  • Location: Monroe