Addition/Remodel: An Artist's Home Expands

When Donald & wife Alison, a local artist, came to terms with the fact that they owned a home that was too cramped and poorly laid out they set out to create a beautiful set of spaces much more conducive to their lifestyle and habit of entertaining.  The solution would be two-fold; remodel the interior of the existing main floor by adding an office and creating guest access to their one main floor bathroom previously reachable only through their Master Bedroom, and create a 560 square-foot addition to serve as a new living space.

concrete form additionAs a creative personality, and one with a deep interest in Green technology at that, Alison sought solutions outside of the normal set of rules.  In terms of the addition the couple could have done what most of us with a wood-framed home would do: create an addition with more wood framed construction.  But, never conforming, Donald and Alison, with the help of their architect, decided to employ a construction technology still outside of mainstream knowledge.  The method?  Insulated Concrete Forms also known as ICF.Insulated Concrete Forms have gained a much wider appeal in the last decade or so and they now even feature their own section in the International Building Code.  Although many proprietary systems exist, Apex Block was chosen for it's ease of construction and ideal grid spacing making an efficient use of concrete and reinforcement.  The benefits of working with block are numerous.  To someone looking for eco-friendly options, using recycled expanded polystyrene speaks volumes as well as does lower heating and cooling bills from the fantastic thermal properties.  Other benefits have to be felt to be seen.  The 10-inch thick walls create a secure, eerily quiet environment that naturally breathes through specially applied interior plaster.Even the roof was targeted for uncommon construction utilizing another technology known as Structural Insulated Panels or SIP's.  These panels are pre-engineered and manufactured and hoisted into place and set with interlocking splines.  Again, thermal performance and sound isolation are high and the roof can be set in a day once the panels arrive.Once Alison provided her own special touches this home became truly unique showcasing her tremendous talents.  The work of two Northwest artists seamlessly blended...  (Scroll down for image gallery)

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